KDP Notebook Starter Kit

That KDP Guy
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Notebooks are one the easiest types of books to upload to Amazon KDP.....They're also one of the most competitive to get into, until now!

With this starter kit, I'm hoping to give you the best possible advantage in starting your KDP business.

You will be able to find 400+ notebook keywords in the CSV file titled 'Notebook Keywords'

You will also find over 1,000 niches in the CSV file titled '1000+ Niches'

There is a 120 page 6x9 notebook interior also included. The cover size needed for this in Canva is 12.52'' x 9.25''

I have also included a brief guide on how to get started!

If you have any issues DM me on Twitter @ThatKDPGuy

I want this!

1000+ Niches, 400+ Notebook Keywords, 120 Page 6''x9'' Notebook interior & A brief guide

400+ Notebook Keywords
2000 Niches
Notebook Interior
Brief Guide


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